about Me….

My Name is Barrie Wildon and I am a Driving Instructor based here in Northallerton. I have been an ADI since 2005. I operate under Traffic Lights Driving School. I am an Independent Driving Instructor. I am an Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor.

I providing quality tuition for you taking up driving in the Northallerton area. Learning to drive is a lifelong skill and possibly a Life Changing Skill, that you should be proud of forever! and the cost of training will be repaid many times over. I offer lessons to suit all types of learners, and I am a friendly, experienced and passionate about helping you to succeed.

From absolute beginners to those who just need a bit of a refresher,
  • We use the Latest coaching methods (Client based learning) to allow students to learn at a pace that’s correct for their development, (learn quicker if you know where you are going wrong.)
  • We will undertake your driving tuition with the respect and professionalism that all learners deserve. I understand how daunting learning to drive can be, so I am here to help your through every stage.
  • We learn you at your own pace (Not at anyone else’s pace, you are an individual)
  • We will make you feel relaxed and make the driving experience enjoyable too.
  • Reflective log ( We track your progress and build up a picture of your driving skills)
  • We are a very patient, thorough, friendly, professional instructor who as the knowledge to teach his pupils at a speed that they can learn at to suit their own learning level.
  • We will give you 110% at all times, his aim is to teach at a pace the student is able to learn safely, never neglecting attention to detail and he has a complete understanding of Laws, Regulations and other road users.
  • We will also incorporates (Defensive Driving Skill) on a basic level for all of learner drivers / refresher courses, which enables them to read the road & traffic conditions & developing situations, ”therefore keeping you as safe as possible at all times”.
  • Barrie is always up to date with new ways of teaching and is committed to upskilling himself as well so that you get the best possible training.
  • Remember that the whole point of lessons is to learn how to drive and not just to pass a test. (It’s no good just passing a test and then not knowing how to actually drive.)
  • Whether you’re looking to learn how to drive from the very beginning, already have some experience or have already passed then I can help.
“Remember I am not just teaching you to drive to pass a test but to stay safe on the road always”
“Safe Driving For Life!”